Good habits bring peace 

Bad habits come between us and God and rob us of the peace and joy he wants us to have. The best way to overcome bad habits is to trade them for good ones. Consider these ideas for overcoming behaviors that keep us from God.

. When things don’t go your way, trust in God’s will and ask for help to bear it patiently. True peace only comes to those who don’t waste time or effort on things they can’t change.

. The only acceptable reason to point out another’s faults is to help the guilty party grow in holiness. Don’t encourage back-biting by joining in or listening to it. Instead, change the subject as tactfully as possible.

. Some people have such a desire to impress others that they try to have all the answers. But God doesn’t intend for us to know it all. Rather, learn whatever is necessary to help you live a more useful and virtuous life.

Human dependence
. Depending too much on other people will lead to disappointment. Only God can answer all your needs. Make God your first stop when you need help, instead of your last resort.

Our daily lives are witnesses of just how much we love Jesus. A constant, genuine effort toward holiness can prove our love for Christ.


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