Pastors of Catholic Churches

Pastors of Catholic Parish
People who pray, participate in parish life, and are devoted to the Sacraments can face whatever comes their way with grace and peace. 

Yet even a rich prayer life often falls victim to the pace of everyday living. So when confronted with trouble, many Catholics are at a loss as to how to cope.

As a pastor, you want to personally reach out and show each parishioner how to draw strength from our faith, but you don’t have the time. That’s where Growing in Faith can help – it's a unique newsletter that gives your parishioners the help they need to draw closer to the Lord.

Your parishioners get all this.

     Every issue of Growing in Faith offers Catholics practical ideas to understand the real Catholic faith - not the media representation, increase attendance at weekly Mass, increase their time in prayer, learn more about saints and devotions, lead Scripture-based lives, and learn more about how to put faith into practice. All in an attractive, user-friendly format they are more likely to read. And it’s filled with friendly illustrations that grab attention. Today’s busy folks love the single-sheet format — any longer and it simply doesn’t get read.

     Growing in Faith helps you strengthen your parishioners’ participation in their faith ... with almost no effort on your part. Every issue is personalized with the name of your parish or parishes — and your name if you like. That way your parishioners will know you care. Other pastors tell us their parishioners notice and appreciate Growing in Faith — and the whole parish reaps the benefits!

     See for yourself. Download a sample issue of Growing in Faith. Better yet, start a no-risk subscription and we will send you by return e-mail an issue you can photocopy and send it to each parishioner today, or use it as an insert in Sunday’s bulletin. You can even upload the current issue to your parish website, if you have one. Imagine how helpful readers will find it every day of the month -- even the ones who don’t attend Mass every Sunday!

Here’s how your subscription works ...

 You get a personalized master copy of Growing in Faith every month, 12 months a year, by mail, by e-mail, and you can download it from our website. It is ready to photocopy, so print as many as you need or forward a .pdf to your bulletin company. The cost is minimal — only pennies per household. That’s a bargain, considering the help you’ll be providing.

Plus, you can also have a Word version e-mailed to you so you can cut and paste our content into other publications your parish produces. You don’t need to ask our permission as long as you reuse the material in your own parish publications. We give you a site license to use the material as long as you remain a subscriber in good standing. You just can't share it outside of your parish.

Why not give Growing in Faith a try. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will refund your subscription fee for unmailed issues. Subscribe on this site and we'll start your subscription immediately.